Leslie Ligon Is A Talented And Versatile Voice Actor

Leslie Ligon Voiceovers. Your test stands center stage.

Throughout the years, Leslie has performed in local and regional theater, worked as a magician’s assistant, danced, and taught ballet. The discipline she learned in dance technique has proved to be an invaluable base of support for her work as a voice actor and audio book narrator.

Her last 20 years have been filled thoroughly raising two sons, and, as the owner and designer of the world’s first line of fashion jewelry featuring braille. In 2010, Leslie won the Smithsonian/Cooper-Hewitt People’s Choice Award for her jewelry design, and the American Printing House for the Blind Best Use of Braille award. 

In 2014, she returned to her performance roots as a voiceover talent. Leslie worked as a volunteer Dallas audiobook and on-air reader for Austin Information Radio Services (AIRS) North Texas Radio for the Blind/Reading and Radio Resources (NTRB/RRR) as well as live performance/video (opera/musicals/movies) describer.

As a voice actor, Leslie digs deep into the story and the characters, breathing life and nuance into both. Leslie Ligon is a versatile and experienced theater and voice actor. Her voice has been described as warm, nuanced, honest and professional. Leslie has a quick understanding and interpretation of copy, tone, and intention. She takes direction with ease and can improvise when there's room. She is experienced in audio book narration, medical narration, e-learning, corporate narration and commercial work. Additionally, she is able to command many accents including  Texan, Australian, Indi/Pak, Scottish, and Irish, and character qualities – from calmly delivering even the most serious technical medical information, to excitedly performing the silliest children's stories.​ 

Oh, and words like acrocephalosyndactyly just trip off her tongue!

Headshot of Leslie Ligon.

Coaching and Training with:

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Technical Training and Coaching:

Uncle Roy Yokelson

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